(Español) Apostando a crear empresas globales

At NXTP we do not invest only in copycats, although we have made it clear we are big fans. Occasionally we make mistakes and end up investing in startups with global ambitions. Several of our portfolio companies have already expanded and opened offices in the US or Europe, which usually means at least one of the founders moving and leading that operation. Companies like EverypostMurallyJamppWeHostelsiBillionaire or Pixowl are just some examples.

In line with this strategy of investing and supporting these projects we have spent some time planning the opening of an office in San Francisco which would allow us to offer a “soft landing” for startups in our portfolio that decide to settle there. In a few weeks that office will be up and running, and we will be able to more actively support startups with their business development processes and fundraising efforts, in addition to actively talking to local investors, educating them about the current statusand opportunities with startups throughout Latin America.

This interview (in Spanish, sorry) to my partner Ariel Arrieta provides more details about our plans.

And this is just beginning …

This post was originally published in LatAm.VC