Another winter…

One year ago, I published a post called “Is Winter Coming?“, where I asked myself if, after a lot of boiling and available capital for startups (especially in the early stages), finally an djustment is coming, especially in terms of access to financing for growth stages. I believe that this year was not particularly bad […]

Teaching For The Future

I’m not being very original if I say that education is one of the greatest challenges that we have in Latin America. In fact, it’s something that I wrote about in this old post where I addressed the need to teach and promote entrepreneurial skills in schools. Except for a few exceptions, most of our […]

Gratis sí!!! (sin esfuerzo, no)

Hoy emprender está de moda, y eso es muy bueno. Falta mucho por mejorar en America Latina, sin embargo hoy hay disponibles recursos para emprendedores como nunca antes. Hay nuevos fondos de capital de riesgo, más inversores ángeles, más aceleradoras, más dinero disponible en distintas formas y colores. También hay muchas instituciones, en general gubernamentales, […]