Listening vs Convincing

All entrepreneurs face countless challenges (we always want to use the word “countless” in this phrase). Before starting, you have to convince yourself of the business idea, convince the cofounders, convince the providers, users, clients. Convince, convinve, convince. With time, good entrepreneurs turn into professional “convincers”; their survival depends on it. Today, few dispute the […]

Teaching For The Future

I’m not being very original if I say that education is one of the greatest challenges that we have in Latin America. In fact, it’s something that I wrote about in this old post where I addressed the need to teach and promote entrepreneurial skills in schools. Except for a few exceptions, most of our […]

Tips from an entrepreneur

Yesterday I interviewed Juan Melano , founder of, as part of our Buenos Aires Start Grind series. During the interview Juan offered some practical advice for entrepreneurs , and I thought it is worth sharing . 1. Staying alive spent its first two years with much experimentation, making mistakes and facing challenges, even […]