Interview with Ted Wang

According to Wikipedia, “Ted Wang is a Silicon Valley lawyer who represents high profile startups and established technology companies such as Facebook, Path, Square, StumbleUpon, Twitter, Sonos and Dropbox. He is a partner at technology and life science focused law firm Fenwick & West and someone who Bloomberg identified as “one of Fenwick’s biggest draws,” in the 2011 […]

Listening vs Convincing

All entrepreneurs face countless challenges (we always want to use the word “countless” in this phrase). Before starting, you have to convince yourself of the business idea, convince the cofounders, convince the providers, users, clients. Convince, convinve, convince. With time, good entrepreneurs turn into professional “convincers”; their survival depends on it. Today, few dispute the […]

Guest Post: The Experiences Of Those Who Do

A few weeks ago, the entrepreneurs behind CafeEmprendedo, Facundo Basílico and Santiago Bullrich, interviewed me. CafeEmprendedo is a space for sharing entrepreneurial experiences and investment activity in Latin America, mainly in Argentina. I loved the idea of interviews “with no filter”, so I invited them to share a post, here it goes: The Experiences of […]

Antiportfolio (or startups that I didn’t arrive to see in time)

Most investors boast about their great success, especially when they detected companies in the early stages and, they could accompany them to become successful enterprises. Clearly this is our bet with NXTP, we want to help Claramente ésta es nuestra apuesta con NXTP, we want to help build the next wave of large technology companies […]

Gratis sí!!! (sin esfuerzo, no)

Hoy emprender está de moda, y eso es muy bueno. Falta mucho por mejorar en America Latina, sin embargo hoy hay disponibles recursos para emprendedores como nunca antes. Hay nuevos fondos de capital de riesgo, más inversores ángeles, más aceleradoras, más dinero disponible en distintas formas y colores. También hay muchas instituciones, en general gubernamentales, […]

Cuanto tiempo me toma arrancar un startup? 10 mil horas (para empezar)

En su libro Outliers, el escritor Malcolm Gladwell, plantea una hipótesis: 10 mil horas es el tiempo promedio que uno debe practicar una disciplina para dominarla. Uno de los ejemplos que analiza Gladwell son los Beatles, que debieron pasar horas y horas tocando en pubs de Hamburgo (habrán sido 10,000 horas?) antes de estar listos […]